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How & When to Hire a Brisbane Buyer’s Agent: Realtors

How & When to Hire a Brisbane Buyer's Agent: Realtors

Finding a buyer’s agent might be challenging, despite the fact that they can assist with listing reviews and negotiate on behalf of prospective purchasers.

Who is a Brisbane buyer’s agent?

A Brisbane buyer’s agent helps prospective owners identify residences and bargains for a reasonable price. There are various kinds of buyer’s agents, but they shouldn’t be confused with agents who work for house sellers, such as listing agents or real estate brokers. To get more about Brisbane buyers agents please visit

You must disclose your lifestyle, financial situation, and investment objectives with a buyer’s agent for them to assist you in the best way possible. A buyer’s agent will have your best interests at heart. They can be a tremendous asset by serving as an intermediary in the decision-making and transaction processes, but your connection must be built on trust and openness for the best results.

A Brisbane buyer’s agent differs from other real estate professionals by their license. An agent’s license permits them to rent, buy, and sell a variety of properties. A realtor belongs to the same association as real estate agents and has the same license as them. All members of this association are required to abide by a stringent code. A broker has both a broker’s license and a real estate agent license. As a result, they can run a brokerage and hire agents.

Some agents solely work with buyers and have a fiduciary (legal-ethical) obligation to them. Since they don’t represent or accept listings, which could result in conflicts of interest when negotiating.

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How & When to Hire a Brisbane Buyer's Agent: Realtors

Brisbane buyer’s agent’s role in a real estate transaction

Although a home buyer might not require the services of an agent to start looking for a home, it is advised to get in touch with one as soon as possible to discuss your wants and objectives. Brisbane buyers’ agents may be in a position of far greater power than potential buyers, enabling them to choose the best properties. Other buyers, though, might want to view every choice.

A competent buyer’s agent in Brisbane does more than merely look for homes. Homebuyers are also brought to open houses by them. Your agent will haggle over the purchase price once you decide which house you want to acquire. Even when the buyer’s agent and the seller’s representative reach an agreement on a price, the home acquisition is not always finalized.

The process of purchasing a property involves a lot of steps. These include approval from an appraiser, a mortgage lender, an underwriter, a servicer, a notary signing agent (a real estate lawyer), a title firm, a tax counselor, and a supplier of homeowner’s insurance. A Brisbane buyer’s agent is not paid until the transaction is completed. They will support you in assembling this team and assisting you with the closing procedure.

The biggest barriers to hiring buyer’s agents occasionally start in the thoughts of solo agents. To have a successful partnership, the lead agent and buyer’s agent must both see the value in the other.

Hire a Brisbane buyer’s agent: Five Keys to Success

1. Create a growth path

Many skilled solo agents decline to work as buyer’s agents since it is a position that does not allow for professional progress. These examples demonstrate that the job is alone one where you can sell 40–60 buyer-side transactions annually before your ability to maintain a healthy life balance is harmed. Buyer’s agents who do well on their teams are given leadership opportunities. To reward performance, new positions, and incentives are provided. High-performing Brisbane buyer’s agents may be promoted to Lead Buyers Specialists in order to boost their earning potential.

How & When to Hire a Brisbane Buyer's Agent: Realtors

2. Cost vs. Investment

When choosing whether or not to work with a buyers agency Sydney, this is frequently the most crucial consideration. Agents are not ready if they consider the cost of providing buyer leads to another agency. Agents who worry about having to pay a buyer’s agent a significant portion of their buyer-side compensation are also unprepared. Hiring a Sydney buyer’s agent is seen as an investment by agencies willing to do so. They are prepared to work with a buyer’s agent because they understand that they will have more time to look for new listings and that they will be able to manage more buyer leads than ever.

3. Reliable Administrative Assistance

The value of a team as a buyer’s agent can be made or broken by an administrative assistant. A buyer’s agent is more likely to agree to a team’s commission split if they can concentrate on selling, showing properties, and preparing bids. Brisbane Buyer’s agents may focus on what they love to do: Show and Sell. Working as a team, they can close more deals than they could on their own. Successful buyer agents know that a larger net income does not always translate into reduced commissions.

4. Giving up

The top buyers aren’t always chosen by successful real estate teams’ leading agents. Instead, they give up on the buyer side and cease driving purchasers around in their cars. In addition to raising the morale of Brisbane buyer’s agents, this also frees up the lead agent to engage in higher-profit activities, as discussed in Key No. 5 below. It can be challenging to give up the idea that clients want to deal exclusively with you and not be transferred to another agent. Leading agents know that whether or not their clients require them is irrelevant. It has to do with how they handle their clients. Lead agents need to instill these principles in buyers’ agents. The use of effective team delegation techniques and scripts is also crucial.

5. Additional Listing Focus

In order to keep Brisbane buyer’s agents active and productive, the group must supply leads. The lead agent can spend more time representing the buyers and showing houses with the assistance of a buyer’s agent. The lead agent must utilize the extra time to produce more listings, which will ultimately result in more buyer leads. The buyer’s agent could appear to be an inconvenience and take up a significant amount of the buyer-side commissions. 

Pros and Cons: Brisbane Buyers agency

Pros and Cons: Brisbane Buyers agency

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of working with a buyers agent while purchasing a house. Although statistics show that Brisbane homebuyers prefer the convenience of searching for their home online, 88% of them still decide to have a professional lead them through the technicalities of the sale once the process is set to start. According to studies, 43% of consumers conduct their own market research. In contrast, 18% of people make contact with a realtor. If you’re still not convinced, this information is for you because both alternatives have benefits and drawbacks.

For many people, the process of selecting and buying a new home may be both thrilling and stressful. However, without proper assistance from the Brisbane buyers agency, it could take longer than expected and even seem intimidating to some people.

Due to many uncertainties and unknowns, such as other bidders’ budgets and the seller’s expectations, some buyers may invest more time, effort, and money in the transaction than they had originally anticipated. For this reason, a growing number of investors—even owner-occupiers—are using buyers agent to help them with the home-buying process.

Buying a house might be simpler by a Brisbane buyer’s agent. However, customers must be aware of the distinction between the two types of agents. The agent whose client is purchasing a home is known as the buyer’s agent, and the agent whose client is selling a home is known as the seller’s agent.

Despite the fact that some Brisbane buyers may have had a negative experience working with too enthusiastic selling agents, these purchasers should be aware of the advantages a buyer’s agent may provide throughout the home-buying process.

There are many advantages to having strong representation for a home buyer, but the functions of these agents vary depending on who they represent.

What are the advantages?

Buyer’s agents can spot red flags. Working with a skilled Brisbane buyer’s agent may make recognizing and handling concerns easier as they arise.

The buyer’s agent will only work for you, the buyer, as opposed to the listing agent, who serves the seller’s interests. However, coordinating house visits is a skill shared by both agents. A Brisbane buyer’s agent safeguards your interests during the crucial negotiations and closing phases. They also negotiate contingencies, assist with the home inspection, and deal with sellers to decide the selling price.

What are the disadvantages?

Many customers believe that the benefits outweigh the cons. It is essential to understand why some consumers opt to handle it themselves.

Both buyers and sellers appreciate the prospect of not having to pay an agent. The buyer’s agent commission, which normally ranges from 2.25 percent to 3.5 or 5 percent to 7 percent of the home price, is often paid by the seller. The home’s purchase price primarily covers the commission. When pricing homes, the seller will take commissions into account. The commission is then shared between the selling agent and the buyer’s agent, so the buyer is paying both agents theoretically.

You might not be able to locate a perfect agent. Finding a Brisbane buyer’s agent who is aware of your needs is not difficult, but it can be upsetting if you experience a few setbacks or believe you made the incorrect decision. Click here to get how & when to hire a Brisbane buyer’s agent.

Finding a buyer’s agent in Brisbane

  • If you’re thinking about hiring a buyer’s agent, ask your friends and family for references. 
  • If you’re new to the region and don’t know anyone, you can search online for leads in your area. 
  •  Keep in mind that agents rely on recommendations to succeed. Meet enough agents to identify one with both dependable credentials and personal relationships.
  • When prequalifying agents based on your needs, be transparent about your expectations and the time frame.
Pros and Cons: Brisbane Buyers agency

Among the crucial inquiries are the following:

Do you reside in the area? Do you live in the area? The buyer’s agent in Brisbane should be familiar with the area. For instance, you could want a representative familiar with the region’s topography. As a result, they must be able to provide you with information regarding communities, schools, and development plans. An effective buyer’s agent in Sydney will look out for your best interests and offer guidance.

How many people have you assisted in purchasing a home in the past three years? How many customers do you currently support?

Find a seasoned agent with a solid track record who isn’t overburdened with work and can deliver on their promises.

Do you have any mortgage broker references? It is crucial to endorse moral mortgage brokers.

Your agent most likely has a network of reliable partners they can recommend to you.

Once you’ve chosen the agent you want, you could be required to sign a Buyer’s Broker Agreement. This will obligate you to cooperate with your agent for a predetermined amount of time (usually between three and six months). 

The Worth of Buyer’s Agents in Brisbane

These are five further reasons for using a Brisbane buyer’s agent to assist with your upcoming real estate purchase.

Stress reduction

Purchasing real estate can be emotionally and mentally taxing. Hire a skilled Brisbane buyer’s agent to lessen your stress and worry.

You get access to a wider variety of properties. Buyer’s agents are always looking for houses from various sources. They frequently have access to “off-market” opportunities through their connections, allowing them to provide a broader range of homes.

Professional property advice

These experts can help you with a variety of property-related questions, such as selecting suburbs, setting financial goals, and gauging the market’s present health.

A selling agent can offer unbiased guidance regarding the property. However, selling the property is their only goal. On the other hand, Brisbane buyers’ agents look out for their client’s interests by ensuring that they acquire high-quality houses at reasonable costs.

Flawless transaction

You can rely on a Brisbane buyer’s agent for a smooth transaction, from dealing directly with the seller agent to coordinating with your solicitor and mortgage broker. You’ll probably wind up paying more if you don’t have a buyer agent to help you find the ideal property.

The Top 5 Qualities of a Brisbane Buyer Agent

The Top 5 Qualities of a Brisbane Buyer Agent

Everyone finds the home purchasing process exciting. But it needs a lot of planning. Buyer’s agents should be well-equipped to deal with any difficulties that may arise. As the buyer’s agent, it is your responsibility to make it simpler for buyers to move in and help them work through any difficulties.

A Brisbane buyer’s agent has a full schedule. There is much to accomplish, including showings, real estate research, and establishing contact with new customers. Additionally, there are inspections and closings. All of this is a necessary step in selecting the ideal house. Being a top-notch Brisbane buyer agent may be difficult if you spend too much time on day-to-day activities. Instead, it would be ideal to concentrate on areas that add value above and beyond your primary duties. A competent buyer’s agent in Brisbane functions like the director of a symphony, bringing together many participants to ensure a successful transaction. The real estate agent plays a variety of roles throughout the transaction, including salesperson, buyer’s champion, analyst, business manager, consultant, negotiator, and marketer, to mention a few.

These are the qualities that will set you apart from the competition:

1. Technically literate

The method by which real estate is steered is constantly evolving. Best buyers Agent Sydney need to be more adaptable and knowledgeable while working with customers. Virtual house tours, e-signature software, and Zoom closings are all the rage in real estate right now. Listing websites and communication technology both play important roles.

Beyond picking up new apps and becoming an expert smartphone user, you need to advertise your tech talents. Homebuyers in Brisbane looking for buyer’s agents that can stay on top of emerging trends. Promote your abilities in this area as quickly as possible. Your clients should be aware of these choices because virtual solutions are ideal for whatever service you offer as a buyer’s agent.

2. Availability

You can respond to them by phone and email, but that’s just the beginning. Although email and phone are necessary for Brisbane buyer’s agents, there are other techniques to give your clients the impression that you are more reachable. One strategy to stand out as a top agent is to be able to respond to frequently asked questions before clients.

Sharing helpful hints and information on social media will help you establish your expertise with clients and potential clients. Posting frequently keeps you visible and pertinent. You ought to reply to comments as quickly as you can. To best showcase your qualifications and experience, your profile should also be well-designed.

Additionally, keep an eye out for inquiries from potential clients in your direct messages. Making time in your daily schedule for social media comments could be beneficial for keeping up with the most recent activity on your social accounts. This additional level of accessibility boosts your value as a buyer’s agent in Brisbane and demonstrates the significance of communication. Get more about Brisbane Buyers agency on

3. Customizing your experience

You have many duties as a best Brisbane buyers agent. You must be present in particular places and offer specific services. Despite all the expectations, the most effective agents can still provide a personal touch.

If you work with a family with children, you can bring something to amuse the kids. Be aware of significant occasions like birthdays and anniversaries when working with clients. Send a card to them. Make a brief call to the client and leave a message rather than sending an email, SMS, or handwritten note. Clients who have left you can be left with a lasting impression by a handwritten message.

4. Demonstrating knowledge of local markets

Keep in mind that your clients may not be familiar with the neighborhood where they are looking for a home. By providing a pleasant environment for them, your position can be leveraged to close the gap between your clients and your neighborhood.

Provide details and advice on the neighborhood, its history, and its activities. Consider, for instance, giving them a tour of the neighborhood and pointing out the nearby pharmacy, grocery store, or urgent care facility. Giving them a small gift bag filled with business cards and perhaps a few gift cards is a nice way to wrap up the trip.

You should assist them in settling into their new house even if they are already familiar with the neighborhood. Send them dinner from a neighborhood restaurant on their first night at the residence. Another option is to leave a gift basket filled with household items from nearby stores. To give your clients something extra to think about as they move into their new residences, you could offer them a gift basket filled with necessities from nearby stores. Your local expertise will be greatly valued.

5. Attending to various demands

A buyer’s agent in Brisbane must make clear the services provided. All of these services should focus on the demands of the customer. You may think this is apparent, but the home buyers do not. They might not be aware of how comprehensive a buyer agent should be in their support. Buyers can identify between a qualified agent and one who is lacking by knowing precisely what you have to offer.

Be sure to provide the following:

  • Recommendations of reputable lenders throughout the pre-approval stage.
  • Counseling with an emphasis on locating the top communities, schools, and other amenities.
  • Proven negotiation abilities on when to make an offer
  • Help with the house inspection, including locating the best inspector, going to the inspection, and taking care of necessary repairs.
  • A close working connection with the buyer’s and seller’s attorneys ensures thorough communication.
  • Verify loan status to ensure mortgage approval.

You can clarify new buyers about your services and the details of the transaction by demonstrating your support and assistance as a Brisbane buyer’s agent and providing them with information on the home-buying process.

Most property buyers anticipate receiving some amount of support and care from their agents. However, being unique would help you stick out from the crowd. By adding value, you can develop your abilities and grow your clientele. These extra efforts will set you apart from the competition and demonstrate your abilities as a top Brisbane buyer’s agent.

Aluminium is an important strategic material for Europe

Aluminium is an important strategic material for Europe

In Europe, around 12 million tons or 84% of the total bauxite ore processed is imported mostly from Africa (Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana) and then treated to obtain Aluminium on European soil.

The rest, 2.3 million tons, is mined in Europe, mainly in Greece and to lesser extent in Hungary.

Significant resources of lower grade bauxite do exist in Europe but are not being currently exploited, due to technology and cost reasons. An eventual economical utilisation of those resources, would decrease the need for bauxite imports significantly.

EU extraction of bauxite (aluminium ore) is very limited, approximately 1.5 % of the global total. Hence, the EU is very dependent on imports of bauxite.

EU imports even more metallurgical alumina to cover the demand for the EU smelters.

Aluminium is an important strategic material for Europe

Challenges in alumina production

4kg of bauxite produces 2kg of alumina and 2kg of residue 2kg of alumina produces 1kg of aluminium Overall, for the production of 1kg of aluminium, 2kg of residue are landfilled


Bayer process: Every year, 120 million tones of bauxite residue is produced


The quality of available bauxite is gradually decreasing. It now has more Fe and less Al


Europe is dependent on imported bauxite and alumina

The ENSUREAL process

The ENSUREAL process is an investment in innovative processes that make the sector more sustainable, from the environmental and economic point of view:
  • Less dependent on raw materials i.e. bauxite, as it can recirculate low quality bauxites from the process’ tailings;
  • More flexible, as it can use other sources of alumina;
  • Environmentally sustainable, as it swaps “red mud” waste for “grey mud”, which is highly valorisable;
  • More energy efficient, as it eliminates the need of treating “red mud” (3,5 million € savings in AoG’s case);

The process also is an investment in circular economy, as it integrates the iron and agriculture sectors, as well as taking into account other valorisation routes like the construction sectors and high added value applications of alumina. Besides, other applications related to the construction and fire protection applications will be assessed.

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