Can the ENSUREAL process be used to capture CO2 from furnace off-gas?

In the ENSUREAL process, bayerite is precipitated with CO2 after the slag has been leached. The ENSUREAL team is now doing experiments to investigate whether this precipitation can take place using off-gas with a CO2 concentration as low as 5%. If this is possible, then the process could […]

ENSUREAL produces grey mud

The ENSUREAL process has a by-product called grey mud. It is mostly limestone which can be used as a building material. In the project the grey mud is tested as building material in the SINTEF Laboratorium.

ENSUREAL presented at H2020 Innovation Forum

On October 4th, 2018 ENSUREAL took part in the first H2020 Innovation Forum, a clustering event, bringing together H2020 projects, but also policy makers, end-users and industry representatives, material producers, private and public investors, start-ups and innovative SMEs. Casper van der Eijk from Sintef, project co-ordinator, presented ENSUREAL within the […]