Innovation Forum Agenda

The full agenda for Innovation Forum 2021 has been published. Download it here or see it in full at and don’t forget to register. Innovation Forum 2021 is taking place on November 30 in Brussels. For those who can’t make it physically, the event is […]

ENSUREAL joins Innovation Forum 2021

ENSUREAL will be a part of H2020 Innovation Forum 2021 that is taking place on November 30 2021, in Brussels, and virtually for those who wish to attend remotely. H2020 Innovation Forum is an on-going clustering initiative, bringing together H2020 projects with policy makers, end-users, industry representatives, […]


ENSUREAL participated in RAWMAT 2021, the International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy, held in Athens, Greece on September 5-9.  ENSUREAL was well represented at Rawmat 2021 in Athens with presentations from Danai Marinos, David Konlechner, Andriani Manataki and Adamantia Lazou: High temperature treatment of […]

ENSUREAL researcher A. Lazou successfuly defends PhD

On the 11th of June, Adamantia Lazou defended her Ph.D. thesis at NTNU in Trondheim. She managed to finish in just over 3 years and publish 5 scientific papers during this period. The opponents during the defence were Prof. Yiannis Pontikes from KU Leuven, Belgium and Dr. […]

ENSUREAL thesis defence online

Defence of thesis 11 June: Adamantia Lazou – Faculty of Natural Sciences NTNU 11 June 2021 at 13.15 In the Framework of REMOVAL project our colleague, Adamantia Lazou, PhD Candidate in the Department of Material Science and Engineering has submitted the following academic thesis as part of […]

Can the ENSUREAL process be used to capture CO2 from furnace off-gas?

In the ENSUREAL process, bayerite is precipitated with CO2 after the slag has been leached. The ENSUREAL team is now doing experiments to investigate whether this precipitation can take place using off-gas with a CO2 concentration as low as 5%. If this is possible, then the process could […]

ENSUREAL’s results presented in BR2020 Conference

ENSUREAL partners presented some of the results from ENSUREAL project in the  3rd International Bauxite Residue Valorization and Best Practices Conference in September 2020. The goal of this conference is to search realistic and scientific solutions for Bauxite Residue. Three were the sessions dedicated to ENSUREAL:

ENSUREAL produces grey mud

The ENSUREAL process has a by-product called grey mud. It is mostly limestone which can be used as a building material. In the project the grey mud is tested as building material in the SINTEF Laboratorium.

First Pilot scale test at MYTILINEOS for production of slag and cast iron

After months of delay due to COVID-19, finally the first pilot scale test at the industrial complex of Aluminium of Greece at Agios Nikolaos, Viotia was done. Bauxite residue was mixed with lime to produce iron and slag. The iron can be used as cast-iron and […]