Complete list of project outcomes

During the course of the project, the following deliverables are to be achieved:
NoDeliverable titleWPLeaderTypeDissemination levelDelivery month
1.1Identification of Alumina sources suitable for Pedersen method1AdMiRISRCO8
1.2Selection of best promising raw materials sources1AdMiRISRCO8
1.3Selection of most promising regions for new enterprises applying Pedersen method1AdMiRISRCO12
2.1Report on the production of slag and metal samples2NTNURCO24
2.2Report on the pre-reduction experiments2SINTEFRCO24
2.3Process conditions for process upscaling2SINTEFRCO36
3.1Report on recovering alumina from process slags3NTUARCO18
3.2Report on precipitating hydrate aluminas3NTUARCO36
3.3Report on producing metallurgical and speciality aluminas from process precipitates3OutotecRCO42
3.4Report on recovering REE and Sc from grey mud3NTUARCO42
4.1Pilot plant (demonstrator)4AoGDEMCO46
4.2Technology scale-up study4KONChemRCO46
5.1Report on testing of aluminas from process slags and valorisation routes5SINTEFRCO45
5.2Report on the quality of the produced iron and valorisation routes5OdlewnieRCO45
5.3Report on the possibilities for applications of the grey mud5SINTEFRCO45
6.1Report on environmental benefits of ENSUREAL process (LCA 1.0)6AdMiRISRCO24
6.2Report on scoping and boundaries for the LCCA6ITRBRCO26
6.3Final LCA report6AdMiRISRCO48
6.4Final LCCA report6ITRBRCO48
6.5Report on socio-economic impact6WSRPU48
6.6Layman report6ITRBRPU48
6.7ENSUREAL process validation report6SINTEFRCO48
7.1ENSUREAL Business Plan7ITRBRCO12, 24, 36
7.2ENSUREAL Implementation Roadmap7ITRBRCO24, 48
7.3Plan for the Exploitation and Dissemination of Results (PEDR)7ITRBRCO12, 36, 48
7.4Cluster Communication Plan7ITRBRPU6, 48
7.5International Communication Plan7ITRBRPU6, 48
8.1ENSUREAL website and logo: Launching
and maintenance
8.2Dissemination Kit8SINTEFRPU6
8.3Communication Plan8ITRBRPU6, 12
8.4ENSUREAL communication activities8ITRBRPU6, 12, 24, 36, 48
8.5Data Management Plan8WSRPU4, 30
9.1Management manual and updates9WSRCO3, 12, 24, 36, 48
9.2Innovation management report and updates9ITRBRCO24, 36, 48



R: Document, report (excluding the periodic and final reports) DEM: Demonstrator, pilot, prototype, plan designs DEC: Websites, patents filing, press & media actions, videos, etc. OTHER: Software, technical diagram, etc.

Dissemination level

PU: Public, fully open, e.g. web CO: Confidential, restricted under conditions set out in Model Grant Agreement CI: Classified, information as referred to in Commission Decision 2001/844/EC.