Exploitation of the ENSUREAL results

Within the ENSUREAL project, several locations for a full-size alumina plant are being considered. One of these is Mo Industrial Park, one of Norway’s largest industrial parks, situated in the town of Mo i Rana. The site is attractive because of: The nearby presence of an […]

Precipitation of alumina hydroxide

After leaching of the slag in the ENSUREAL process, aluminium hydroxide is precipitated through bubbling of CO2 through the solution. At NTUA in Athens and NTNU in Trondheim, the groups are working on the precipitation stage of the process. The efficiency of the precipitation is tested as […]

Induction furnace experiments at NTNU

Jafar Safarian, James Mwase and Adamantia Lazou working in the lab. First picture of them weighing the raw materials. They are mixing bauxite residue and quick lime. The goal is to produce slag that can be leached at NTUA. The second picture is Jafar checking the […]

4th project meeting completed

ENSUREAL‘s 4th project meeting was held at the Norway House in Brussels, on the 1st and 2nd of October, 2019.

ENSUREAL presented at Indo-European Meet

On the 18, 19 and 20 September 2019, ENSUREAL, together with the SCALE and RemovAl projects, was presented at the Partnership Instrument EU-REI  event “Indo-European Meet on Resource Efficiency in the Aluminium Industry with a Focus on Effective Utilization of Red Mud (Bauxite Residue)”. After a […]

Dr. James Mwase joined ENSUREAL project

James Mwase, PhD in chemical engineering, joined the NTNU team of ENSUREAL. As a postdoctoral fellow on the project he will primarily investigate the precipitation of alumina from alkaline leach solutions as part of the Pedersen process, trying to identify the optimal process conditions to produce […]

Third progress meeting held in Poland

ENSUREAL‘s consortium reconvened in Poland, on the 19th and the 20th of March 2019, for the third progress meeting. The meeting, hosted by Odlewnie at the Polish Foundry of Starachowice, focused on the progress achieved in the last few months in the various work-packages, as well […]

Slag production pilot

The pre-reduced bauxite that was produced in the hydrogen pre-reduction test, was used in a second pilot experiment in Sintef, to produce slag. In this case, the production of the slag was easier than with the raw bauxite because many chemical reactions were already finished during […]

Hydrogen prereduction of bauxite

During the most recent ENSUREAL test run, 500 kg of AoG bauxite were successfully pre-reduced in hydrogen at the SINTEF pilot plant. The test was done in a plasma heated rotary furnace, that only uses electricity for heating. In this set-up, the Pedersen process can be […]